Quality Assurance

Astrid Berens

RADIATE aims to spread best practice in quality assurance to the wider Ion Beam Community. During the project, a Quality Assurance (QA) program is documenting the quality procedures in use at the Transnational Access (TA) facilities with the aim of providing the same standard high-quality service at each infrastructure. In order to assure the scientific excellence and the technical quality of the facilities, QA manuals have been compiled and adopted by all ion beam facilities, describing procedures and providing guidelines, common standards for quality assurance as well as best practice.

By doing so, the European Ion Beam Facilities define common standards and protocols and ensure quality assurance of ion beam implantation, ion beam analysis and accelerator mass spectrometry, but also of transnational access and of innovation actions.

The QA manuals will be continuously updated during the project’s run-time to include new service and best practice, for instance of developments transferred from the joint research activities into the TA portfolio.

Quality Assurance Manuals:


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