RADIATE Summer School

Astrid Berens
The 2022 summer school is postponed to take place in September / October!

The RADIATE Summer Schools are aimed at doctoral students and early stage researchers wishing to understand the basic physics underlying ion beam techniques. Scientists wishing to refresh their knowledge are also welcome to sign up for summer schools.

RADIATE Summer School 2022 on environmental applications of IBA and AMS

The RADIATE Summer School will take place over a 3 day period in Florence, Italy in the fall of 2022 (late September / early October). Dates to be set depending on the availability of the lecturers. The Summer School is organized by INFN.

In the mornings, RADIATE researchers will give lectures, while the afternoons will be filled with presentations by participants.

Tentative Summer School Program

Day 1 morning – lectures
Day 1 afternoon – student presentations

Day 2 morning – lectures
Day 2 afternoon – student presentations

Day 3
Visit to the LABEC laboratory

More details will follow shortly.

Planned lectures:

TBD, VERA, University of Vienna, Austria
TBD, HZDR, Germany
Introduction to AMS technique, Environmental applications

TBD, JSI, Slovenia
Applications with microbeams, e.g. elemental mapping of plants

14C measurements in the study of atmospheric aerosols
IBA for climate change and air quality issues

TBD, University of Florence, Italy
dendrochemistry projects, elemental analysis of tree rings from wood cores to reconstruct pollution in the recent past in heavily polluted areas


Villa Il Gioiello
Via del Pian dei Giullari 42
50125 Firenze

Set on the southern hills around Florence, Villa Il Gioielo (“The Jewel”) is a Renaissance villa owned by the University of Florence. Galileo Galilei spent the last years of his life here.