RADIATE Alumni Network

Astrid Berens
© G. Altmann / Pixabay

Many universities, research infrastructures, and companies have alumni networks to keep in touch with former employees. The aim usually is to keep track of alumni to enable cooperation with their new places of employment and to have a pool of possible candidates available for future job opportunities.

RADIATE wants to take this idea a step further by creating a European alumni network intending to make international cooperation and networking more efficient and easier overall.

RADIATE alumni network perks

  • networking opportunities with leading European ion beam facilities, research infrastructures and industry
  • possibility to take part in certain RADIATE meetings
  • updates on the RADIATE project and ion beam research at European ion beam facilities in general
  • subscription to the RADIATE newsletter and RADIATE Report Series

By doing so, the network offers new research synergies between the RADIATE consortium and alumni of all 18 project partners and facilitates knowledge transfers between European ion beam research facilities and companies.

The RADIATE alumni network is free of charge and run by IMEC. The network is open to all alumni of European ion beam facilities and not just RADIATE alumni. If you are interested in joining, please sign up for the alumni network.