RADIATE Twinning Program

Astrid Berens

What is the RADIATE twinning program?

The RADIATE Twinning Program is meant for potential new users of ion beam technology from scientifically less active regions to improve transnational cooperation and to distribute knowledge.

You can think of the twinning program as an internship: inexperienced users can participate as a mentee in the beam time of an experienced user group. The mentee observes, gets to ask questions, and learns by doing.

The twinning program pairs inexperienced users with an experienced one enabling newcomers to

  • gain experience and to become familiar with the use of ion beam facilities
  • discuss possible experiments to be pursued in the future
  • draft a proposal for an experiment
  • carry out a beam time that may pave the way to future projects

Besides gaining valuable experience and building networks to existing user groups and ion beam facilities, participants of the RADIATE twinning program also get funding for travel and a daily allowance for food. For guidance on the travel allowance, please see the guidelines for the RADIATE travel reimbursement and the respective form.

Who is eligible for the RADIATE twinning program?

The RADIATE twinning program aims to foster knowledge transfers from EU-countries with highly developed scientific infrastructure regions to less active ones. RADIATE wants to support potential new users from countries that do not have their own national ion beam centers.

Generally, applicants from EU-13 countries are eligible to take part in RADIATE’s Twinning program, meaning applications from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

representative photo of the RADIATE twinning program
During the RADIATE twinning program, an experienced user will mentor a scientist interested in using ion beam technology © HZDR / O. Killig

At which ion beam facility will the twinning program take place?

All RADIATE project partners offering transnational access (see list on the right) also take part in the twinning program. After an applicant is chosen for the program, he/she will be matched with the most appropriate ion beam facility and mentor. If you already have made contact with a specific facility, you can ask to be matched with it during during the application process.

How do you apply for the RADIATE twinning program?

Applications for the twinning program are done via our RADIATE twinning program form. You will have to provide us with your information, such as contact and employment details. Furthermore, we are asking you for your motivation to take part in the twinning program and need to know what techniques you would like to learn more about so we can find a fitting twinning match for you.

Selection of the Twinning program participants is done by RADIATE’s executive board on a case-by-case basis.

The length of the twinning program depends on your interests and needs, the beam time you are able to participate in, as well as the host’s capacities. Usually, you can expect a time frame of about 3 days.

Apply now for the RADIATE twinning program.

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