RADIATE Travel Cost Reimbursement

Astrid Berens

Users with accepted proposals by the RADIATE user selection panel can apply for travel cost reimbursements for incurred expenses in conjunction with their allocated beamtimes in another European country. Support for travel and subsistence is covered in the framework of the European Union funded transnational access program of the RADIATE project.

Which costs can be reimbursed?

Funding is provided for

  • up to 2 persons per user group
  • accommodation in the facility’s guesthouse (or the facility’s recommended hotel)
  • travel costs up to 300 EUR per person (In case of higher expected travel costs contact your assigned user office beforehand)

Obligations for RADIATE travel reimbursement

Acknowledgement of RADIATE

Acknowledge the RADIATE project and the European Union in publications resulting from user projects supported by RADIATE transnational access. For example, you may use the following sentence:

The research leading to this result has been supported by the RADIATE project under the Grant Agreement 824096 from the EU Research and Innovation programme HORIZON 2020.

RADIATE project partners with accepted proposals are required to make their project results Open Access as outlined in the grant & consortium agreement. All other users are strongly encouraged to publish in open access journals.

Submit feedback

After completion of beamtime, the RADIATE GATE system will automatically ask you to submit a short feedback form. Furthermore, the submission of an experiment report is mandatory.

It is also recommended to respond to the EU’s Horizon 2020 user survey.

How do I get RADIATE travel reimbursement?

Each of the RADIATE transnational access facilities receives funding to host RADIATE user groups and each user office does its own accounting. Please contact your user office regarding special information on the facility’s cost reimbursement procedure, such as specific reimbursement forms.

After the completion of beamtime, you can request travel cost reimbursement by sending the original receipts (tickets, boarding passes, bills etc.) to your host institute’s user office. Only justifiable costs may be reimbursed.

RADIATE offers its own RADIATE reimbursement form, which may be used for claiming your expenses from HZDR. Please verify with the other host institutes whether you can use this form as procedures are not the same in every country.

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