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    Please describe your current research topics / scientific profile and summarize the question(s) you would like to answer using ion beam technology, so we can match you with an appropriate Twinning partner. If you've had any previous experience with ion beam infrastructures, please mention them here.


    Please mark the experimental techniques you think would be most relevant to your work:

    Ion Beam Analysis (IBA): Elemental Analysis & Depth Profiling

    IBA: Ultrahigh sensitivity

    IBA: Lateral Imaging

    IBA: Defect Analysis

    IBA: Real-time in-situ Analysis

    Implantation & Irradiation


    If you already have a local contact at one of RADIATE's ion beam facilities and would like to apply for a Twinning with this host, please mention this here:


    Privacy policy:

    Please note that your submitted data will be recorded and used for funding, statistical and administrative purposes only. The RADIATE Twinning Program is part of the RADIATE project funded by the EU. In accordance with reporting requirements from the European Commission, all submitted twinning program data is collected by HZDR as the RADIATE project coordinator and may be accessed by the European Commission for official use (project reporting). Your data will be forwarded to your future twinning host facility / mentor, if you are chosen as a participant. Otherwise, your data remains confidential and will not be shared with other organisations without the knowledge of the users, unless this is required by law. Your data will be used internally for the RADIATE reports to the EU and will be deleted after the project's final report, at the latest in April 2023. More information on ionbeamcenters.eu Data protection and privacy policy.


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