RADIATE Spring School 2021

Astrid Berens

Originally planned to take place in conjunction with IBMM-2020, the school was postponed by almost a year and moved to the virtual realm due to the Corona pandemic.

The RADIATE spring school 2021took place from 28-30 April and was organized by IST in Lisbon, Portugal. The school focused on the basics of Ion Beam Modification of Materials.

The first day covered the fundamentals of ion solid interactions with emphasis on the modeling of physical processes to describe defect evolution and ion distributions. The relevant codes were described and both the binary collision and molecular dynamics approaches addressed. On the other days, the most used software codes for damage analysis, profile studies and lattice site location of the implanted ions were presented.

Spring School Program

28 April29 April30 April
08:45-09:00WelcomeOpen connection Open connection
09:00-10:00Lecture 1
Fundamentals of ion-solid interactions
(André Vantomme, KU Leuven)
Lecture 4
Tailoring material properties by ion implantation
(Katharina Lorenz, Instituto Superior Técnico)
Lecture 7
Swift Heavy Ion irradiation of materials
(Miguel Sequeira, University of Lisbon)
10:00-11:15Lecture 2
Ion and defect distributions: Monte Carlo simulation
(Wolfhard Moeller, HZDR)
Lecture 5
Empirical modelling of ion-beam induced damage formation
(Elke Wendler)
Lecture 8
Real time studies of ion-solid interactions
(Stephen Donnelly, University of Huddersfield)
11:15-11:30Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
11:30-12:45Lecture 3
Molecular Dynamics simulation of Ion-solid interactions
(Flyura Djurabekova)
Lecture 6
Waveguide engineering by ion beams

(José Olivares)
Lecture 9
Towards Single Ion Implantation
(Roger Webb, University of Surrey)

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