UPDATE on the the joint EuFN and FIT4NANO workshop


The Joint EuFN and COST action FIT4NANO workshop planned to take place from 27-29 September had to be relocated from Wroclaw, Poland, to Vienna, Austria. Additional FIT4NANO WG meetings will be held at the same location on 30 September. Abstract submission has finished, but registration for the workshop remains open until mid-August.

Invited Speakers

Frances Allen   | University of California | United States
Defect Engineering, Ion Implantation and Nanofabrication using the Helium Ion Microscope

Jose Maria de Teresa   | Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón | Spain | Webpage
Using a palette of FIB-based processes to create functional nanomaterials and devices

Kimberly Modic   | IST Institute of Science and Technology | Austria | Webpage
Scaling down thermodynamic techniques for quantum materials

Francesc Perez-Murano   | Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) | Spain | Webpage
Ion beam based fabrication of nanoelectronic and nanomechanical devices

Philip Rack   | University of Tennessee | United States | Webpage
Elucidation resolution limits and sub surface damage of focused ion beam sputtering and reactive ion etching via Monte Carlo simulations

Jakob Schwiedrzik   | EMPA Thun| Switzerland | Webpage
Investigating structure-property relationships of hierarchical materials at the microscale

In case that the SARS-CoV2 situation in September does not allow for an in-person meeting, we will switch to a hybrid or online format.

Further information at eu-f-n.org

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