Vacancy at Uppsala University: Associate Professor in Physics with specialization in Ion Beam-based Materials Physics

Uppsala University is looking for an Associate Professor in Physics with specialization in Ion Beam-based Materials Physics. This is a permanent position starting from 1 September 2024.

The position is to be located in the ion physics research group within the division of applied nuclear physics. The ion physics research group uses ion beams in a wide range of energies to conduct fundamental and applied research on materials, their evolution under different external stimuli as well as their interaction with the ion beams themselves. The research group also is engaged in the continual development and operations of the national research infrastructure Tandem Laboratory at Uppsala University.

Description of subject area of the employment
The subject area covers experimental condensed matter physics with a particular focus on employing energetic ion beams as both probes and advanced tools for materials modifications. It also includes development of advanced instrumentation for ion-beam based research on materials. Using ions from eV to several tens of MeV, the research environment presently focuses on dynamic and kinetic processes in materials ranging from ultrashort time scales to questions on long-term stability of material systems.


  • Teaching, research and administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility and course administration and supervision of second- and third-cycle students. Teaching at basic and advanced level in experimental physics, including specialized courses on ion-beam based physics and materials science. 
  • Follow developments within the subject area and the development of society in general that is important for the work at the university.
  • The position will include applying for national and international research grants within the subject area and in interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • The position will include strategic and operational responsibility for the development of the Tandem Laboratory research infrastructure

Submit your applications by April 2 2024. 

Further information is available at


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