Expansion of Transnational Access from April 2021

RADIATE is expanding its transnational access activities from April 2021! First of all, RADIATE’s newest project partner, Uppsala University, is joining transnational access. All the details can be found in the new project partner announcement.

IST and CNRS-INSP, two partners previously not involved with Transnational Access, will be offering beam time from April 2021. JYU is also expanding its existing services.

The Ion Beam Laboratory at IST will provide approximately 350 hours to users. Within Radiate, the IST-IBL will offer the use of analytical techniques, namely, NRA, PIXE, RBS, (including RBS/channeling for structural analysis and lattice site location in single crystal), as well as broad beam ion implantation/irradiation.

INSP’s SAFIR offers access to its full range of Ion Beam analysis (RBS, NRA, ERDA, MEIS, PIXE-Kossel, ion channeling), and the associated facilities for thin film growth and thermal treatments under isotopically controlled atmospheres, allowing users not necessarily equipped for isotopic tracing studies to benefit from the proximity of the isotopically specific preparation and analysis facilities available within the infrastructure. INSP will provide 250 hours of TA Access for

  • Standard IBA methods : RBS, NRA, ERDA, including Ion channeling
  • MEIS
  • PIXE-Kossel diffraction and waveguiding
  • Isotopic specific treatments for subsequent Ion Beam Analysis

JYU is going to expand its existing services and will offer access and provide support for users to its partly unique ion beam setups and in its special expertise:

  • Time-of-flight elastic recoil detection analysis (TOF-ERD)
  • Rutherford backscattering (RBS)
  • He/Ne ion microscope for imaging and nanofabrication
  • Heavy ion beam “cocktails” from 9.3 to 22 MeV/u
  • Proton beams from 0.4 MeV to 55 MeV
  • Highly charged ions for beams up to Au

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