RADIATE Report on CrystalDraw published

The Surrey Ion Beam Centre just published a RADIATE Report on CrystalDraw, a C# computer programme developed by Jonathan England at the University of Surrey, UK.

Stereographic projections in CrystalDraw that show the directions of movements of ? (red),
? (green) and ? (blue) from the [001] alignment and the new projections produced. © Surrey IBC / J. England
To aid the understanding of crystallographic concepts, CrystalDraw has been written to produce models of crystal structures and their associated axial and planar channelling directions in three-dimensions and to generate their corresponding two-dimensional projections. Visualisation of the models using bespoke specially written macros within Paraview illustrates how to orient and manipulate crystals for channelling measurements and guide interpretations of collected channelling data.

The new Report, which showcases the possibilities CrystalDraw offers, is available for viewing and download at Zenodo’s RADIATE community.

If you are interested in using CrystalDraw, please contact Jonathan England directly.

Interested in more software? We have a growing list of available ion beam software on our website.

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