Postdoc position at CNRS / the Louvre

A Postdoc position is available at the Louvre, France for MONIONS – Monitoring fragile pictorial material during analysis by ions beams.

Development of on-line monitors to prevent modification of precious and fragile heritage artefacts during ion beam analysis (IBA). The solutions will be implemented in the new beam line PIXXL for the New AGLAE particle accelerator (CNRS – Fédération de Recherche 3506), located in the Louvre museum premisses. The project is developed in the frame of the Equipex+ ESPADON (ANR-21-ESRE-0050) – Fondation des sciences du Patrimoine.

9 months contract (extension possible) from June 2023


  • Get a better insight in the effects induced by the ion beam in a pictorial layer and their measurement
  • Select and develop online monitoring methods
  • Prepare the installation of the equipment in the new PIXXL beam line
  • Interact with the accelerator team and external experts (IPANEMA, SOLEIL, CEA)


  • Doctorate or an engineering degree in the physico-chemistry of materials or Ion Beam Analysis


  • Good knowledge of ion beam analysis
  • Able to develop experimental plans, prepare and carry out analyses in full autonomy, as well as data processing
  • Acquainted with simulation tools of the effects of ion beams in matter (SRIM) as well as the underlying physics.
  • Experience in the field of irradiation effects will be an asset
  • As the subject is at the interface with heritage sciences, a strong motivation and a real interest in the topic will be a appreciated

Applications are accepted until 2 May 2023 at

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