IFIN-HH, Romania

Astrid Berens

IFIN-HH currently operates three electrostatic ion accelerators (9 MV FN Tandem Accelerator, 3 MV Tandetron Accelerator and 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator) and a thin film deposition laboratory that are all internationally open facilities. The large tandem (9 MV) is mostly dedicated to fundamental research topics within nuclear structure and nuclear reactions, while the tandetrons (1 MV and 3 MV) are mainly used for Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), ion beam modifications and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS). 

The Department of Nuclear Physics (DFN) is a multidisciplinary research unit in the field of nuclear and atomic physics. The Department’s mission lies in the areas of basic and applied research, particularly in nuclear dynamics and nuclear astrophysics, both using the local infrastructure and the large scale facilities through the existing collaborations. The research projects underway in DFN are also of a major importance for training and education.

The Applied Nuclear Physics Department (DFNA) is focused on developing interdisciplinary applications in the field of nuclear physics. Besides the two Tandetrons mentioned above, DFNA also hosts a TR-19 cyclotron used for the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals with medical applications. 

Transnational Access for all three tandems is available through the ChETEC-INFRA and EuroLabs projects.


9 MV FN Pelletron © IFIN-HHThe 3 MV tandetron © IFIN-HHThe 1MV Accelerator HVEE installed at IFIN-HH © IFIN-HH


Nuclear Physics Department
30 Reactorului St.


Contact for the 9 MV and thin film lab:

Dr. Constantin Mihai

Contact for 1 and 3 MV Tandetron:

Dr. Mihai Straticiuc

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