HAL, Finland

Astrid Berens

Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory is a part of Department of Physics, University of Helsinki. We specialize in experimental and computational materials physics. We have experimental facilities for various ion beam based techniques, together with equipment for positron annihilation spectrometry and thin-film fabrication via physical vapor deposition.

The main facilities for ion beam techniques are the 5 MV tandem accelerator and 500 kV electrostatic accelerator. The 5 MV tandem is equipped with two 40-cathode MC-SNICS ion sources using solid target materials and CO2 gas. The beam can be run down to 5 different beam lines, equipped with 14C carbon analysis, ERDA, RBS, PIXE, PIGE, NRA and sample irradiations. The 500 kV accelerator houses ion sources for gas and solid materials, and has beam lines for sample implantation/irradiation and experiments in a large scattering chamber (equipped in the future also with MEIS setup). The implantation beam line has also a beam deceleration system allowing low implantation energies down to few tens of eV.

HAL’s main areas of competence:

  • 14C AMS
  • IBA techniques
  • Irradiations and implantatations
  • Thin film fabrication
  • Positron annihilation spectrometry

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