CMAM, Spain

Astrid Berens

The Centre for Micro Analysis of Materials (CMAM) is a research centre belonging to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). The building that hosts the laboratories is located at the university campus (CMAM, Faraday 3, 28049 Madrid). It consists of two separate parts: accelerator vault and service building for offices, laboratories and auxiliary services.

The experimental equipment consists of the accelerator, its beam lines, dedicated to various application areas and several ancillary equipment (micro-analytical techniques, sample preparation). The accelerator, built by HVEE, is of the tandem type with 5 MV maximum terminal voltage and the acceleration system is of the Cockroft-Walton type. It is provided with two sources: a plasma source for gaseous substances and a sputtering source for obtaining practically any element of the periodic table from a solid target.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • Performing advanced research in all areas where ion beam techniques can be applied like: Materials Science, Micro-Electronics and Opto-Electronics, Magnetism, Nanotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Biology and Bio-medicine, Nuclear Physics, Energy, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. CMAM is committed to collaboration with academy and industry and to participating in international scientific projects, both via user access and collaborative research
  • Contributing to training of scientific and technology students
  • Disseminating the ion beam techniques, both for analysis and modification of materials, within the scientific, technological and industrial community in Spain and beyond, as well as society as a whole


CMAM’s main areas of competence:

  • Standard IBA techniques
  • microbeam IBA
  • external ion microbeam IBA
  • TOF depth profiling
  • ion implantation
  • fs laser/ion beam processing of materials



Centro de Microanálisis de Materiales
C/ Faraday 3,
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Campus de Cantoblanco
E-28049, Madrid, Spain

User access contact:

Dr. Gaston Garcia Lopez

Director CMAM
Tel: +34 91 497 2791


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