HZDR (hybrid) lecture series “Materials Science Using Ions”

HZDR will offer a hybrid course on „Materials Science Using Ions“ every Friday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. CET, starting on November 10th.

10 November 2023
Shengqiang Zhou – Introduction: irradiation, ion irradiation and our life, Interaction between ions and materials: binary collision approximation

17 November 2023
Shengqiang Zhou – Ion stopping in materials, Effects in materials (damage, sputtering, intermixing…)

24 November 2023
Shengqiang Zhou – Using of SRIM

01 December 2023
Shengqiang Zhou  – Ion implantation for doping semiconductors

08 December 2023
Shengqiang Zhou – Ion Beam analysis for thin films: Rutherford backscattering

15 December 2023
Frans Munnik – Ion Beam analysis for thin films: particle induced x-ray emission

12 January 2024
Frans Munnik – Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis and nuclear reaction

19 January 2024
Gregor Hlawacek – Focused ion beams

26 January 2024
Arkady Krasheninnikov – Atomistic simulations of irradiation effects in solids

02 February 2024
Rantej Bali – Ion beam modification for magnetic materials

09 February 2024
Stefan Facsko – Ion beam modifications of surfaces and 2D materials

23 February 2024
Yonder Berencen – Ion beams for quantum technologies

01 March 2024
Georg Rugel – Accelerator mass spectrometry

Participation via Zoom is free of charge.


Meeting ID: 491 317 0340

Passcode: 429592

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