Changes to RADIATE due to COVID-19

COVID-19 currently affects all our lives to at least some degree and we wanted to give you a quick update on how we are dealing with it within the RADIATE consortium and how it affects the project.

Most of the RADIATE project partners are working more or less remotely in home office. Some facilities have restricted access not only to outside visitors but also to their employees. Some facilities still process (hands-off) samples, but the situation constantly changes and it can’t be foreseen how long this situation will last.

Due to these limitations, the transnational access program (TA) is severely affected. First off, we are still accepting proposals for future experiments. But hands-on access currently impossible. In some cases hands-off access (you sending your samples to the facility) might still be possible. If you have an accepted proposal, you may contact the local TA manager and discuss hands-off posibilities with him/her directly.

The RADIATE summer school 2020 will now take place in 2021. The summer school is supposed to take place in conjunction with IBMM, which was postponed to some time in 2021. As soon as the new conference dates are announced, we will inform you about the new summer school dates and restart the application process.

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