AMS video published

Check out the RADIATE video explaining how AMS works! RADIATE project partners UNIVIE and SURREY worked hard to bring you:

Answering Earth’s biggest questions with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

By measuring tiny concentrations of radionuclides, interdisciplinary research can answer fundamental questions about our planet. These nuclides are produced naturally as a result of cosmic radiation hitting the Earth, or are the result of anthropogenic (man-made) activity. Samples record information from tens of years up to millions of years into the past and can provide an insight into Earths’ history. The very low radionuclide concentrations can only be detected using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) after physical and chemical enrichment of the nuclides.

Download AMS Video "Answering Earth's biggest questions with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry" (.mp4, 42 MB)

The video is also available on our designated page for videos

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