Surrey, UK

The Surrey Ion Beam Centre (SIBC) is an ISO9001 certified UK National Facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in UK. It aims to promote and facilitate world class research in the field of ion beam applications, for and with the academic, commercial and industrial communities. It allows users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion beam analysis and our extensive ancillary facilities. It provides training and education to the UK community, specifically, in the applications and technology of ion beams and provides a technology transfer to industry and academia. The SIBC allows users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion irradiation and ion beam analysis. The SIBC also has extensive processing and characterization facilities that can be made available to SIBC users and collaborators.


Surrey’s main areas of competence:

  • Advanced materials research
  • energy applications
  • industrial applications of ion technology

Role in RADIATE:

    • providing 1600 hours of transnational access to users
    • networking activities leader
    • work package leader: “Standards, Quality Assurance and Best Practice” and “Common Standards and Data management”
    • contribution to joint research activities

Ion Implantation / Irradiation:

Ion speciesH-U (stable nuclides, poly-atomic, multiple charge state ions)
Ion energy100eV- 4MV (12MeV for multiple charge states)
Depth rangefew Å - 80 µm
Fluence1 ion at a time - 1018 cm-2
Incidence angleStandard 0°, 3.5, 7°; others on request
Beam currentfA - mA
Sample sizeSmall pieces (cm2) - Ø 200 mm wafers - some at 40cmx40cm
Temperature Liquid He - 1100K
Special featuresin situ DLTS, single ion implanters for quantum technology. Can provide some access to Dual beam in-situ TEM facility - MIAMI2. Implant chambers in class 100 clean room

Single Ion Implanter:

ParameterIonoptika - SIMPLE1Ionoptika - SIMPLE2
Ion SpeciesAu, Bi, Si, Er, Eu, Se, InO,N
absolute ion detection95%80%


MethodElementsDetection limit [at%]Resolution depthResolution lateral
RBSO - U0.110 nm1 um
ERDH, B-Si0.115 nm0.1 mm
NRAH, d, B, etc0,0110 nm1 um
MeV-SIMSorganics0,1surface5 um
DAPNEorganics0,0001surface10 um


ParameterFEI FIBTescan Plasma FIB
Ion speciesGaXe
Energy 5 - 30 keV5 - 30 keV
Beam currentspA - nApA - nA
Resolution7nm (@ 1pA)7nm (@ 1pA)
Special featuresTEM lamella preparationPlasma FIB, can deposit and create 3D structures




Ion Beam Centre
Advanced Technology Institute
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

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