RBI, Croatia

Ruder Boškovic Institut’s (RBI) Laboratory for Ion Beam Interactions is hosting the accelerator center, which consists of two tandem accelerators, 6 MV Tandem Van de Graaff and 1 MV Tandetron, thus being the largest and most complex facility for experimental physics in Croatia. MeV ions can be delivered in either of the eight beam lines among which are heavy ion microprobe, TOF ERDA spectrometer, capillary microprobe, PIXE/RBS scattering chamber, external, dual beam and dual microprobe beam lines.

Laboratory staff performs basic and interdisciplinary research related to analysis and modification of materials with ion beams, develops techniques to characterize and modify properties of matter, with emphasis on nanostructure research. Part of the activities are connected to applications of analysis techniques to biomedicine, environment as well as to research of cultural heritage objects.

RBI’s main areas of competence:

  • Depth profiling with TOF ERDA
  • microbeam IBA with chemical imaging
  • IBIC analysis of charge transport properties
  • single ion implantation
  • Dual beam / microbeam irradiation

Role in RADIATE:

  • providing 1600 hours of transnational access to users
  • networking activities
  • contributing to joint research activities: work package leader “Detectors and Electronics”; task leader “microbeam optics”
  • implementation of an innovation manager to boost industry service activities


Microprobe at RBI © RBI / Iva Bogdanovic RadovicDiFU at RBI © RBI / Milko Jakši? Target room at RBI © RBI / Milko Jakši? RBI Tandetron © RBI / Iva Bogdanovic Radovic


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