Orsay Physics, France

Orsay Physics is a world leader in customized ion and electron beam technology and associated accessories like Gaz Injection System, detectors, and SIMS, amongst others. Owing to its 25 years of expertise and R&D in charged particles optics, Orsay Physics has developed more than 15 different designs of FIB/SEM, UHV compatible, and is able to customize a specific product, according to dedicated applications, needs and geometries, both for equipment manufacturers and end users in research laboratories.

Since 2016, Orsay Physics offers a versatile and integrated UHV FIB/SEM system; In 2014 Orsay merged with the Electron microscope manufacturer Tescan to form the group Tescan Orsay Holding


Orsay Physics’ main areas of competence:

  • customized ion and electron beam technology

Role in RADIATE:

    • contribute to joint research activity: “Microbeam Optics”
      An FIB column will be modified and optimised to accept customized capillaries with different sizes and to be resistant to high ion flux



Orsay Physics
95 Avenue des Monts Auréliens
ZA Saint-Charles
13710 Fuveau

RADIATE contact:


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