JSI, Slovenia

The Microanalytical center of the Jožef Stefan Institute is a laboratory devoted to the application and development of experimental techniques based on accelerated ion beams. The laboratory is equipped with 2MV Tandem ion accelerator and three different ion sources providing variety of ion beams in the energy range of few 100 keV up to 12 MeV. Accelerated ions are guided into 4 beamlines hosting dedicated end stations. The facility is operating a state-of-the art microbeam setup fed by a high-brightness Multicusp ion source providing high intensity focused proton beams in the sub-micron range.

We are constantly upgrading the beamlines and experimental end stations to keep the laboratory at the forefront of European ion beam centers. Besides standard imaging techniques based on the use of focused ion beams (mPIXE), a novel secondary ion mass spectrometry (MeV-SIMS) technique has been installed providing molecular imaging on the sub-cellular level.

In the framework of fusion related research an extension of the beamline is dedicated to surface science and material research. Emphasis is put on in-situ analysis of hydrogen dynamic in materials. Recently, the external beam has been upgraded by introducing magnetic quadrupole lenses in order to perform ion beam analysis under atmospheric pressure with high lateral resolution. One of the beamlines is hosting a unique Johansson type tender X-ray emission spectrometer providing energy resolution on the natural line width level. This spectrometer is used to perform electronic structure studies of complex bulk materials.

Main areas of interest are plant biology and biomedicine, fuscion relevant materials and energy storage materials.

JSI’s main areas of competence:

  • ion microbeam applications for elemental and molecular imaging
  • hydrogen detection methods for in-situ studies
  • XES spectroscopy

Role in RADIATE:

    • providing 1500 hours of transnational access to users
    • contributing to joint research activities: “Detectors and Electronics”
    • implementation of an innovation manager to boost industry service activities


JSI facility © JSI / Marjan VercJSI facility © JSI / Marjan VercJSI facility © JSI / Marjan VercNon-destructive Ion Beam Analysis of art objects at JSI © JSI / Ziga Smit



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