Ionplus AG, Switzerland

Logo of Ionplus Members of the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics (LIP) at ETH Zürich founded the Ionplus AG ( as a spin-off company in order to offer new instrumentation commercially. The core business of Ionplus comprises the design, development and production of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment in the field of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS). The company activities are focused on the development and production of devices related to the measurement of radiocarbon.

Ionplus offers virtually the entire range of dedicated AMS laboratory and measurement equipment from one source: AMS instruments, fully automated graphitization systems, gas interface systems, automated carbonate handling systems, pneumatic sample presses, vacuum lines for sealing tubes and a range of accessories for all products. In 2016, Ionplus took over the production of the 200 kV mini carbon dating system (MICADAS), which until today is in operation in about 20 institutions worldwide. Furthermore, Ionplus introduces a new low-energy multi-isotope AMS system MILEA dedicated to measure 10Be, ¹?C, ²?Al, ?¹Ca, ¹²?I, U and Pu at 300 kV.


MICADAS © Ionplus AGMILEA © Ionplus AGIon Source © Ionplus AG


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